Save up to 84¢/gal* with the Denim Carrier Card

Reduce cost, embrace convenience, and make every ride smooth and safe with advanced card controls.  

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The most advanced fuel card in the industry

Security features

Block transactions that occur outside of a vehicle's vicinity or exceed its tank capacity. Track fuel levels to ensure no non-employee vehicles are fueled.

Fuel at 99% truck stops with Mastercard

Don't burn fuel to find fuel. Fuel almost anywhere without worries - even mom 'n pop shops!

Build business credit

Build credit for your business with every on-time payment. We periodically review your account for higher credit.


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What are the net payment terms?

You are approved for a weekly credit line.

Can I buy more than fuel?

Spend on fleet expenses such as maintenance, repairs, tires, and more!

Are there any fees?

The card has a $6 monthly fee and an avoidable $50 late payment penalty, which you may face if overdue on a weekly statement payment. There are no hidden fees with the Denim Carrier Card.

How the Denim Carrier Card compares

Denim Carrier Card
Other cards
Limit on discounted gallons
No limit!
Only first 5,000–6,000 gallons discounted
Setup fee
Per-transaction fee
Up to $10
Out-of-network station fee
$0 — all stations are covered!
Up to $0.10 per gallon
Late payment fee
$50 minimum or 5% of overdue balance
Higher of $70–125 or 7–12% of overdue balance
Monthly base card fee