Save 43¢ per gallon on average with the Trucksuite Card

Control your fuel bill through savings and security leveraging the power of Trucksuite and AtoB. 

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Benefits of the Trucksuite Card with AtoB

Optimal Station Selection

Get a map of stations and fuel prices in the AtoB Driver App and oversee that your drivers fill at the cheapest station on their route. Average savings of 21¢ per gallon.

Premier controls

Instantly enable or disable cards, whitelist or blacklist merchants, and set limits on how much can be spent and when cards can be used - all in a couple of clicks. Average Savings of 11¢ per gallon.

Expense Consolidation

Put your fuel, maintenance, repair, and vehicle purchases all on one bill, with easy and custom reporting on our state-of-the-art dashboard.


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Why do you ask me to share my bank statements in the application?

AtoB will review your business revenue history to determine the best card option for you: either a prepaid card or a charge card with a weekly credit line. By using your revenue history to make this assessment, AtoB avoids the need to do a credit check. Since there is no credit check, simply applying for the card will not affect your credit score.

What are the net payment terms?

After you apply, you will be eligible to receive either a prepaid card, which you will fund from your card Wallet, or charge card with a weekly credit line. Either way, you’ll enjoy the same discounts and benefits!

Can I buy more than fuel?

If you've got our Flex (credit-based) card, you'll unlock maintenance and repair spending ability after you take several weeks to build your repayment history with us. If you're an Unlimited (pay-as-you-go) user, we'll unlock those expense types for you right away!

Are there any other fees?

The card has an avoidable late payment penalty, which you may face if overdue on a weekly statement payment. At the time of the missed payment, this penalty will be the greater of 5% of the overdue balance or $50. After an additional 30 days, if your account is still overdue, it will accrue an additional penalty of 6% of the overdue balance or $50 (whichever is greater).

How the Trucksuite Card compares

Trucksuite Card
Other cards
Limit on discounted gallons
No limit!
Only first 5,000–6,000 gallons discounted
Setup fee
Per-transaction fee
Up to $10
Out-of-network station fee
$0 — all stations are covered!
Up to $0.10 per gallon
Late payment fees
Minimum of $50 or 5% of overdue balance
Higher of $70–125 or 7–12% of overdue balance